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Tay and Val looking for hopes and dreams of Latin America

What do you look for daily? When everyone around us told us that we were not going to survive Mexico – that we’d be robbed or mobbed and everything else in between; that we were “defenseless” – we fought really hard internally not to believe them… And we still we got scared. We didn’t want to die. Fear got into our space and we began seeing EVERYTHING as a threat to our lives. We wouldn’t leave the house after sundown. We carried our bags strapped in front us. And with every 3-5 steps, we’d turned and looked behind our backs, just … Read More

One powerful exercise to reduce your FEARS

One powerful exercise to reduce your fears

In the previous post, we shared our near-death experience in Mexico, and we invited you to share your fears with us. We were lucky to escape unscathed. But what made us luckier, was what we learnt from this experience. Looking at death in the face taught us a thing or two about our fears – where we picked them up, how tightly we hold onto them, and the power we give them over our lives, our hopes, and our dreams. When we shared the story at a live event, we handed out post-it pads and gave people 3 minutes to … Read More

#DreamsUnlimited Intentions for Week of May 18, 2015

#DreamsUnlimited Intentions 15.05.18 - #DO

DO. Shift from To-Do 👉 Doing 👉 Done! ☑ We intend to check things off our awesome ideas-into-reality list this week! #todolist #getitdone #makeithappen #motivationmonday #accountabilitymotivates #actionsuccess What’s on your list? Share them in the comments section – accountability motivates! 

Our near-death experience in Mexico

Our near death experience in Mexico

When we were traveling through Latin America on our round-the-world cycling journey, each time we crossed borders into the next country, people would warn about the dangers that laid ahead. In a media interview we had in El Salvador (where the security guards of condominiums carry M16s), a journalist asked, “You’re in a dangerous continent. Are you not afraid?” The truth is we were afraid. Very much so. Two tiny little foldable bicycles sharing the roads with monstrous trucks, two women on their own traveling through a continent raging all sorts of vices, two cameras, two laptops, toooooo many shiny objects strapped … Read More