We thought we were intuitive

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3 weeks ago, we announced a 21-Day “Honor Your Intuition” Challenge, where we were going to share our experiences of listening AND actually actioning on our intuition for 21 days straight. Barely a week into the Challenge on Day 5, Tay reached her intuition limit. Storming into the room, she exclaimed: “I can’t do this anymore! I’m walking around, wondering, “What are we intuiting today?” and deciding what’s the best epic thing to use my intuition for so that we can post about it tonight. I don’t think I can do another 16 days of this. Can we please take … Read More

The truth doesn’t hurt


We just finished our Speak your #Soultruth urban retreat last Sunday. It was the easiest of the four urban retreats we’ve done this year; and we say this with immense gratitude, humility and joy. It was easy because we decided that retreats like this where we dive into the depths of our souls, should be filled with spiritual joy and fun! As one of our attendees, Ericka, shared, “Deep work doesn’t have to be difficult!” But we didn’t always think that. In fact, we often expect the truth to hit us like a ton of bricks, a tidal wave, a lightning strike, an … Read More

A Different Kind of Business Coach – Selena Soo

Us at GKGC Live with Selena

In a nutshell: If you are looking for a high-integrity coach with a system that works – digestible, sensible steps that makes it simple to follow-through (and hence quickly gain momentum); a community who holds you accountable to the best version of yourself; and useful, precise, and relevant best practices that cuts through the clutter and noise about establishing yourself and your business as the go-to experts for what you offer – GKGC is for you. We made back the investment within 4 months (from an entirely new business); and established meaningful, heart-centered connections we know will last us a lifetime! … Read More

Stand Up and Speak Out

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While writing the description for our 5th Chakra Retreat: Speak Your #SoulTruth a week ago, we remembered a conversation we had with our friend Siva at a VIP cocktail in NYC last February. He shared with us: Human beings are the only known species amongst all other creatures, who would spend the first two years of our lives telling our offspring to “Stand up” and “Speak out” – and then spend the rest of the time telling our kids to “Sit down” and “Shut up”. We were having a casual conversation; but what he said hit me (Tay) like a ton of … Read More

What it takes to speak at TED events – twice

Tay and Val at TEDxWWU

But no, we did not get to speak at TEDx because we were ‘experienced’ enough. We get to do the TEDx talks, and the many city commissioned talks after that because we finally decided to speak our #soultruth…